Our Single Tree Olive Oil


Our olive oil derives its unique character from the elements it’s made from. Traceable to single trees on the untamed slopes of Mt. Foniskos, our oil is for the creators and raconteurs who live their truths. Looking for CBD Infused olive oil? Head here to purchase.




Phaedra’s Defining Elements

Manaki Olives

Manaki Olives

Manaki olives grow at a more leisurely pace and produce less fruit, a difference you can taste when compared to commercialized oils using Koroneiki and Arbequina olives.

Single Tree

Single Tree

We harvest each tree, one at a time, when they are ready, and not as a grove. This technique rewards our olive oil with unrivaled body, bouquet, and personality.

Bottled in Bond

Bottled in Bond

In the face of an industry rife with adultered and defective products, we’ve set out to hold ourselves to the highest standards. Quality and character reign over optimization.

Our Process

Premium Olive Oil our Way

  • Handpicked

    Picking olives is equal parts art as science, and is just as impactful to an oil’s final character as the growing season itself. Handpicking assures that only the finest olives are chosen and guarantees protection from destructive harvesting processes, eliminating the need for post collection recovery treatments.

  • Single Tree Technique

    The moment an olive is picked directly influences the flavor, nutritional value, and essence of the end product. That is why we harvest each tree individually, one at a time, when they are ready, and not as a grove. This single tree technique rewards our olive oil with unrivaled body, bouquet, and personality.

  • Agourelaio

    The harvest of unripened green olives, known as “Agourelaio”, facilitates maximum nutritional benefits and flavors. Harvesting this way guarantees maximum polyphenol content with near zero acidity, creating an anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant oil your body can genuinely feel.

  • Freshly Milled

    Tree to cask in under twelve hours certifies minimal olive degradation for the most aromatic, nourishing, freshest green oil possible. Living oil juiced fresh from the tree.

  • Cold Pressure Extraction

    One cold crush is all it takes to extract the purest green oil possible. No heat, and certainly no carrier solvents ever come near our organic workshop. Just a thorough cleanse through fresh spring water, and raw pressure.

  • Small Batch

    We package just like we farm, and process; by hand, and in small batches. Our single-tree method might not be cost efficient but it pledges the preservation of purity and assures acre specific origin.

Our Flourishing Ecosystem

Untamed Groves at Mother Nature’s Edge

Our ancient groves are rooted between the Argolic and Saronic Gulfs of the Mediterranean Sea in a transition zone between wild alpine forests, sandy rolling valleys, and the untamed slopes of Mount Foniskos. Timelessly standing proud at the edge of true nature gives our olives their distinctive wild character.

The Story of Phaedra

Disobedient Acts of Passion

Our products are not grown on brick fenced estates or crisp white plantations but on previously neglected terrain in the mountains of Greece. We’ve been trusted with a gift from nature and it’s our responsibility to create beauty from this land on our own terms, just as Phaedra’s godmother did. We go forth with wild irreverence, so you may dare, create, and inspire next.

Full Spectrum CBD Infused Olive Oil

CBD Infused

We sell our CBD Infused Phaedra olive oil through SAWATCH, growers and makers of honest CBD products in the Colorado rockies. Head over to Sawatch.com to complete your purchase.