Untame Your Kitchen

A proud family of growers fueled by passion and process. We deliver quality olive oil and honey, for those who understand the difference.

Since 1919

Rooted in tradition from the hills of Greece

Family owned since 1919, Alexi Andrianopolous, the great grandson of founders Demetri and Eleni Andrianopolous, continues the idyllic tradition of craft today on the same humble and blissfully undomesticated land his grandparents started out on.

Demetri and Eleni believed that Earth’s greatest gifts came from allowing ecosystems to flourish just as nature intended. The result of that belief, then and now, are authentic, sustainable celebrations of nature made possible through resolute defiance and wonder.

Bottled in Bond Olive Oil


Small batch, distinctive olive oil traceable to single micro-groves on the untamed slopes of Mt. Foniskos. Gifted with aromas of citrus and thyme and flavors akin to pink peppercorns, Phaedra is for the bohemians, creators, and raconteurs who steadfastly live their legends.



We sell our CBD Infused Phaedra olive oil through SAWATCH, growers and makers of honest CBD products in the Colorado rockies. Head over to Sawatch.com to complete your purchase.

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