A Story of

Defiance and Wonder

Our family has always been committed to creating beauty from what we’ve been gifted by the earth. Since 1919, we’ve used creativity and ingenuity to foster a flourishing ecosystem to help us produce a distinctive range of products.



Sowing the Seeds of Freedom

Occupied Constantinople had once been a showcase of architectural triumphs, artistic treasures, and literary masterpieces, even housing the final treasures of the legendary Library of Alexandria. However seeing the city as a hub for Christianity, and free thinking the (now) Turkish people occupied the city, enslaved the educated, destroyed non-Islamic artistry, and burnt the remaining holy Christian texts.

Following WWI Demetri answered the divine call to join the Greek revolutionaries seeking to restore freedom, and liberate captured “Istanbul”.

From Rejection to Regeneration

Unable to afford a valuable, fruitful farmstead Demitri sent what little money he had to his wife to purchase any discounted acreage available. These rejected plots were predominantly alpine olive groves who’d been disregarded for their low yields, difficult terrain, and years of neglect. 

Despite village criticism the reunited pair stayed true to their previously orphaned groves committed to making their dream a reality. Unable to afford agricultural equipment, or fertilizers they relied on their creativity, and what their new lands gifted them to make due. They observed how their ecosystem interacted, and assimilated a selection of diverse crops to positively engage with the surrounding elements. The result, a flourishing ecosystem producing a distinctive range of nutrient rich food all in harmony with their natural environment.

Celebrating the Gifts of Nature

A century later our commitment to a truly undomesticated farmstead, and growing in harmony with nature lives on through Demetris great grandson Alexi. As industrialized farming wreaks havoc on our natural world, our protected ancient ecosystem remains steadfast as a refuge for native wildlife, and celebrating sustainable gifts just as nature intended. The ultimate endorsement - hoot’s of adoration from the regionally rare owls that take refuge in our untamed ecosystem.

Get to know Phaedra

A true handcrafted, straight olive oil - harvested early, milled daily, and pressed cold for a superior experience.

Our Process

Premium Olive Oil our Way

  • Handpicked

    Picking olives is equal parts art as science, and is just as impactful to an oil’s final character as the growing season itself. Handpicking assures that only the finest olives are chosen and guarantees protection from destructive harvesting processes, eliminating the need for post collection recovery treatments.

  • Single Tree Technique

    The moment an olive is picked directly influences the flavor, nutritional value, and essence of the end product. That is why we harvest each tree individually, one at a time, when they are ready, and not as a grove. This single tree technique rewards our olive oil with unrivaled body, bouquet, and personality.

  • Agourelaio

    The harvest of unripened green olives, known as “Agourelaio”, facilitates maximum nutritional benefits and flavors. Harvesting this way guarantees maximum polyphenol content with near zero acidity, creating an anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant oil your body can genuinely feel.

  • Freshly Milled

    Tree to cask in under twelve hours certifies minimal olive degradation for the most aromatic, nourishing, freshest green oil possible. Living oil juiced fresh from the tree.

  • Cold Pressure Extraction

    One cold crush is all it takes to extract the purest green oil possible. No heat, and certainly no carrier solvents ever come near our organic workshop. Just a thorough cleanse through fresh spring water, and raw pressure.

  • Small Batch

    We package just like we farm, and process; by hand, and in small batches. Our single-tree method might not be cost efficient but it pledges the preservation of purity and assures acre specific origin.

Bottled in Bond Olive Oil


Small batch, distinctive olive oil traceable to single micro-groves on the untamed slopes of Mt. Foniskos. Gifted with aromas of citrus and thyme and flavors akin to pink peppercorns, Phaedra is for the bohemians, creators, and raconteurs who steadfastly live their legends.

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